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Who Is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? Is He God? Is He someone from a fairy tale, or just a man that lived a long time ago? What does He have to do with me? Does He understand me and what I'm going through?

Find out who Jesus really is and how He is relevant to you even in today's environment. This series is geared specifically towards youth and young adults.

July 13, 2020 (Monday) thru July 18, 2020 (Saturday) at 7pm.

Location:  Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church

Attend in person or watch online.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thompsonvillesdachurch/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Em0DBUMLoamRrqFvt5w2Q


Mon. July 13: Ryan Day - Jesus, the Son of God
Tue. July 14: JD Quinn - Jesus is the One who Understands
Wed. July 15: Jason Bradley - Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
Thur. July 16: Jason Bergmann - Jesus, the Divine Vine
Fri. July 17: Jill Morikone - Jesus, My Intercessor
Sabbath, July 18: Dakota Day 

>COVID-19 info

Venue and in-person attendance Guidelines:
Face coverings are required for entry but not required once seated.
Attendees will be required to check-in giving a name and phone number for contact tracing and notification.
Attendance is limited to 100 people.